Anna Potsiluyko

Anna Potsiluyko (1994) is a Ukrainian - Belgian artist based in Antwerp. 2021 she finished her master’s degree in Graphic Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

Potsiluyko’s project ‘Morphia I’ and ‘Morphia II’ started with her research about body dysmorphia and plastic surgery. She was fascinated by the phenomenon of bimbofication “because these people don’t use surgery to fit in, but to stand out from the crowd.” Anna believes: “That mentality is much more inspiring than being ashamed and hiding our bodies. This also doesn’t really go against nature at all if you look at the animal and plant world. Everywhere, you see bright colors and exuberant shapes that serve to draw all the attention to themselves. It’s just that we as humans are a bit bland and people who apply female ornaments make it so much more visually interesting.”