Among the Green Grass Live the Poppies

Among the Green Grass Live the Poppies

Júlia Godino, Alexa Moya & Jorge Da Rocha

27 May - 28 May 2023

The lady's skin is full of stories, stories which can be told with nothing more than a single hand. Her feet, legs, arms and wrists meet, play and struggle. Is it the first time they encounter? Have they been part of the same body since the start? Is this body a memory? Or perhaps, a body full of memories? Her journey is a passage through friction, game and discovery; images that take her back to visit old memories.

Among the green grass live the poppies, is a narrative dance performance, researching the friction created when you put two elements together in time and space: two cultures, two humans, two religions, two opposite emotions. These dialogues always contain tension and flow which can be very delicate and vulnerable.

Due to COVID-19, the physical event cannot take place yet. Nevertheless, Lifeisart gallery and Co. Júlia Godino and Alexa Moya want to give the public a chance to have a taste of their performance already. The performance will be live-streamed on two occasions, online, and shown as a projection on a big screen on the window of the gallery on Thursday 27th of May and Friday 28th of May. The performance can be enjoyed from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Júlia and Alexa are two choreographers and dancers from Spain. They both studied at the Royal Conservatory in Antwerp.

Among the green grass live the poppies is a project that started together with the gallery Life is Art and is a collaboration with the composer and musician Jorge Da Rocha, who presents his own proposal and original music, which he creates with a contrabass, a loop station and his voice.

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