Children of the In-Between

Children of the In-between

Lucia Femia

13 January - 3 February 2024

Children of globalisation play with existence.

In the uterus, our ancestral origins merge and symbiose. As I learn about the primordial cells fertilising each other, co-creating a new ­entity, I ask myself if we meet, dance and collaborate in the same way with space, matter and species.

An intuitive playground appears during the creative process, where contradictions live freely and borders fade. There, a sympoietic system emerges, a system where entities, material and non material, ­engage in mutualistic relationships, and co-create shared realities...

Children of the playground invoke sympoiesis.

This in-between becomes a ritual where the internal and external realms of the children converge... There opposite worlds synapse in rhythmic pulse... And primitive and contemporary enchant each other.

Matters, allegories, beings, interact and shape one another, intuitively raising questions and quests.

Children of the in-between vibrate in cymatics and the borders of reality expand.

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