In Conversation With Heerup

In Conversation With Heerup

Jesus Eloy, Casper Fredeus & Emily Kelly

4 September - 10 October 2021

The visual artist Henry Heerup (1907-93) occupies a unique position within the CoBrA (Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam) art movement. This art movement took off in the aftermath of World War II. After seeing what the intellect could cause and years of distress, CoBrA went in search of creative liberty and rebelled against academism. CoBrA represented freedom, spontaneity, pure expressions, and sought out boundaries by working with new materials and new forms of collaboration with poets and sculptors.

In the vision of Heerup, art should have the potential to reach everyone. His work is deeply symbolic and inspired by primitive cultures, the art of prehistoric people, and children’s art. Due to his symbols' directness and naive simplicity - often icons of birth, love, death and household - he was considered a folk artist. He did not pay attention to styles and trends, but worked in his own free and expressive way, and is very well known for his junk models, made from random objects.

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