Van Dik Hout Zaagt Men Planken

Van Dik Hout Zaagt Men Planken

Robin Adriaens

20 April - 11 May 2024

Derived from the lively, often grimy streets of Antwerp, my inspiration materializesfrom encounters, banal or odd scenes and sudden insights ranging from certaincompositions to jokes and wordplay. Fueled by a vivid imagination, I translate theseinsights and ideas into uncensored images, mostly on found and discarded objects.The main goal is making sure that all my ideas, any idea, fit comfortably within thebody of work in order to steer clear of any limitations.

A constant visual exploration with a self-critical attitude, drives each creation. Iprioritize spontaneity, avoiding preconceived notions, welcoming coincidences andintuitive impulses.

Humor is a continuous thematic (red) thread. It weaves through my work, oftentargeting taboos and human vulgarity. These ‘adult’ themes are in high contrast witha naive, childlike expression which allows me to explore a raw and pure visuallanguage that I try to broaden and obtain in my work.

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