13 February - 28 March 2022

Both the imagery and the medium itself, which are all just images in which we recognize, associate, create metaphors of, get lost in a memory, are part of the question of the limits of our recognition while perceiving, in the spectrum of reason and feeling.

This question is expressed in a methodical search with images such as perspective, the sea, human figures, landscapes, dissociated with the medium of painting. Expressed in wallpapers, mosaics trompe-l'oeils and often various decorative painting techniques. They want to implement/appropriate and again alienate the space in which the work is located. The space becomes a canvas and the viewer becomes part of the image.

It is an attempt, -to write in the words of Ben Okri: 'to show the true extent of our kingdom, -and not wanting to accept that what there seems to be is all there is'. Which in our outward attention, is so vast and full and is never disconnected from our inner experience (dreams we cannot control, desires we fear, memories we cherish, ...) In this work, the method and the questioning are more important than the logical coherence of images because the imagery itself is part of that feeling/recognition research.

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