Well, Maybe

26 February - 26 March 2023

She had heard of a ladder that could lead her all the way to the top, so, she set out on a quest to find one. She stumbled upon an old and rickety ladder, put on her courage hat and started climbing the ladder. However, as she climbed higher and higher, she realized that some steps were missing. She tried to jump over one missing step to the next, but it was too dangerous. She tried to climb up the sides of the ladder, but it was too slick. She even tried to jump, but it was too short.She was stuck. She put on her persistence hat and kept trying. She tried again and again for days and weeks, but she still couldn't find a way to climb the ladder. As she sat there, feeling defeated, she suddenly remembered the many hats she had in her backpack. She put on her imagination hat and started to imagine new ways to reach the top. She built a makeshift staircase with all the hats, but it was too unstable. She tied the hats together to make a rope, but it was too short. She even tried to wear all the hats at once to boost her height, but that was just ridiculous. Finally, she took a step back, put on her problem-solving hat and started to analyse the situation. She came to the realisation that ascending the ladder was, in fact, a superfluous endeavour. Therefore, she put on her accomplishment hat, acknowledging all her hard work and perseverance and walked back home.

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