What time are we having dinner?

What time are we having dinner? Jesus Eloy

29 October - 19 November 2023

Welcome to "What Time Are We Having Dinner?"This exhibition immerses you in a world of emotions and expressions through paintings of fictional characters in close-ups. Each artwork reflects a rich palette of emotions, from anger to joy. Some characters are visibly angry, while others exude happiness. There's even a character with car trouble, adding an intriguing touch of drama to the scene.

We extend a warm invitation to explore this intriguing world of colors and feelings portrayed on canvases. This imaginary dinner is an opportunity to reflect on the complexities of human relationships and everyday emotions. You don't need reservations; bring your curiosity and letyourself be carried away by this unique artistic experience.

We look forward to having you share this dinner with invented characters that will make you appreciate art in a completely new way! Don't miss it!

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