Justine Lambrechts

Justine Lambrechts

Justine Lambrechts’ (1998°) practice explores the integration of the sculptural form within the painted space. More specifically, by focusing on materiality as a starting point, she has been studying the rendition of clay and stone in relation to paint. The translation of these earth materials with their own tangible properties and medium-specific logic causes a loss of context and feeling of alienation of the subject when brought to a flat surface. In these trompe-l’oeils, a friction is created between the depicted subject and its painted counterpart. 


Justine Lambrechts works and lives in Leuven, Belgium. After her master’s degree in Communication sciences in 2020, she pursued a Master in the Autonomous Fine Arts at Sint-Lucas, which she completed in 2022.

IG: @lambrechts_justine

Website: justinelambrechts.com