25 June - 23 July 2023

Starting from a deeply rooted fascination for the ambiguous origin of ‘found (un)natural objects’ that is grounded within the genre of science-fiction, Justine Lambrecht's focus has later shifted from mere observations to the very manipulation of these clay and stone materials. The estrangement that was already caused by the friction of media becomes amplified when exaggerating with both scale and context. Small still life clay and stone compositions are overly enlarged, shrunk and are stripped away from their environment, leaving only their materiality to interpret. 

The physical boundaries associated with paintings are sought out and challenged by stepping away from the conventional rectangular shape of the canvas, letting the two-dimensional painted subject enter the three-dimensional space again. Moreover, she creates the very objects that before served as the reference out of materials ranging from plaster to wood structures, provoking the question: ‘Where does the painting end and where does the sculpture begin?’

These natural looking objects are on different levels infiltrated by the artificial, all challenging the associations one might make with the depicted structure. This leaves and facilitates room for questions such as: ‘What is its origin?’, ‘Was it found?’, ‘Why has it been manipulated?’

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Selected Works